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Capital employee education and training demonstration site characteristic education and training project "Drug sales and purchase" training successfully concluded

        On September 23, 2023, one of the vocational education and training series of Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association, the "Capital Employee education and training Demonstration site featured education and training project - Drug purchase and sales staff" successfully completed the completion exam, marking a successful end to this education and training project。The training and education were attended by 123 students from 29 enterprises such as Beijing Tongrentang Health Pharmaceutical Management Co., LTD., Honghui Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Sinopod Health Industry Co., LTD。

September 23, 2023 theory test site

September 23, 2023, practical test site

       In order to ensure the implementation of the education and training plan, the training Department of the pharmaceutical Industry Association takes the initiative to adjust the training plan according to the actual operating conditions of the registered enterprises, and ensures the smooth progress of the project through the combination of online teaching and offline examination。At the same time, the curriculum, teachers, training content, practical operation solutions and other aspects of careful preparation。
       Curriculum, to create high-quality education and training courses as the goal, docking professional standards and staff quality improvement needs, the development of special training courses。Fully absorb the industry's new knowledge, new technology。The course design conforms to the teaching law and is scientific, interesting and practical。From the training objectives, teaching content, ideas and ideas, elaborate design。At the same time, the "model worker spirit, craftsman spirit" is introduced into the training course to enrich and sublimate the spiritual world of students。Summon up the spirit of entering a new journey and rising up in a new era, and establish a positive professional spirit of young people。
       In the arrangement of teachers, model workers from well-known enterprises in the industry, young technical experts and senior lecturers from professional colleges and universities are recruited to join the teaching team and undertake teaching tasks。Give full play to the exemplary role of model workers and artisans, teach by example, get closer to students, and professional knowledge is more practical。
       The training content focuses on the cultivation and improvement of practical operation skills。In the process of teaching basic knowledge and skills, the focus is on the practical improvement of pharmaceutical care posts to solve the confusion of students in actual work。
       The Training Department of the Pharmaceutical Industry Association will continue to design and develop new education and training projects according to the vocational education needs of pharmaceutical enterprises, to help improve the comprehensive quality of employees in the pharmaceutical industry, and to help the healthy and rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry。





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