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Beijing social organization management center leaders to Beijing pharmaceutical industry association research

       On August 11, Wen Yuliang, secretary of the Party Committee of the Beijing Social Organization Management Center, and Guo Weiliang, director, visited the Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association。

       Fu Lijia, executive vice president and secretary general of the association, introduced the basic overview of the association, and reported in detail the status quo, work objectives and overall direction of Beijing pharmaceutical industry。Tong Yi, full-time deputy secretary of the first Joint Party Committee of the Beijing Production and Manufacturing Association of the Communist Party of China, reported on the characteristic work carried out by the party building in the near future。
       The two sides exchanged and interacted on issues such as the Party building of the Joint Party Committee, how the association leads the development of the pharmaceutical industry in the city, and the industrial collaboration between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and discussed the recent work focus and development direction of the association。Mei Qun, secretary of the first Joint Party Committee and president of the Association, said that he very much welcomes the leadership of the management center to the Association for research, and also thanks the management center for the care and guidance given to the work of the association over the years。As the first joint Party secretary unit of Beijing Manufacturing Industry Association, the association has always actively cooperated with and actively participated in the work of the comprehensive Party Committee of the social management center。Under the leadership of the Central Party Committee, the Association will continue to play a good role as a social organization, and do a good job as an assistant to the government and a helper to enterprises。

      Director Guo Weiliang pointed out that the pharmaceutical industry association, as a 5A industry association, should build the association well on the existing basis, maintain the brand reputation well, and serve the industry well。Especially in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial synergy, the "four batches" construction, Tongrentang and other brand construction, we should give full play to the role of the association, do a good job as a leader, a good service provider and a good builder。The management center will strengthen communication with the association and support the association to further play a good service function。
       Secretary Wen Yuliang fully affirmed the work and achievements of the Joint Party Committee, the Association and the leading team of the association。And said that through this research and visit, we can see that the association has a new look, and has made positive contributions to promoting industrial innovation and leading the development of the industry。Party building work and business work are highly integrated, high standing, clear thinking。
       Secretary Wen requested that the association should continue to strengthen party building, strengthen political guidance, grasp the direction, and as the secretary unit of the joint Party Committee, it should drive the integrated development and innovative development of the associations and organizations within the joint Party Committee。
      The association shall regulate the internal development, prevent and resolve risks, and act in accordance with the system and norms。
      The association should fully strengthen its functions and serve high-quality development。First of all, do a good job of high-quality development。Implement the work of "four batches" and formulate industry standards to lead and drive the entire industry。
       The association should play a leading role in the industry, take the initiative to docking business and industry authorities, and obtain relevant support such as policies。Strengthen the service management and party building of member units。
       Secretary Wen stressed that trade associations are important factors and reliable organizations leading the development of the industry, and hoped that the association will continue to strengthen its own construction and achieve new and better achievements。
      Lei Chengzuo, deputy director of the Beijing Social Organization Management Center, Xu Quan, Director of the General Department, and Ma Yingjun, director of the first division of the community, participated in the research activities。Association deputy Secretary-General Zhang Mingyue, Sun Xiaojing participated in the discussion and exchange。

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