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The 2023 Beijing SME Public Service System Work Exchange Meeting was successfully held

        In order to strengthen the exchanges between the demonstration platforms and bases, and promote the continuous innovation and improvement of the construction of the public service system for small and medium-sized enterprises。On March 24, the 2023 Beijing SME Public Service System Work Exchange Meeting was held in the lecture hall of the UF Suizhi Experience Museum。Jingdong, Changjietong, Zhongguancun Science City, Science and Innovation Space as a demonstration platform, demonstration base representatives respectively shared the service of small and medium-sized enterprises。Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology small and medium-sized enterprise Department, Beijing small and medium-sized enterprise service center, Beijing small and medium-sized enterprise public service platform and 246 demonstration platforms, demonstration bases, a total of more than 300 people in charge of the meeting, the Municipal Party Committee organization Department organized four deputy director Yan Zhe to guide。

       Yang Yasukuni, director of the small and medium-sized Enterprise Department of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, introduced the construction of the public service system for small and medium-sized enterprises in our city,All units are required to raise their political positions,Be a "front-line waiter" for small and medium-sized enterprises,To accurately grasp the dynamics of the enterprise,Timely grasp the difficulties facing the development of enterprises;We need to open up channels for policy publicity,Work together to crack the pain points and blocking points of enterprise-related policies that are "difficult to know, difficult to understand, difficult to apply";Adhere to enterprise demand orientation,Connect and tap the personalized service needs of small and medium-sized enterprises,Increase the supply of distinctive and personalized service products;Strengthen institutional party building guidance,We will improve the comprehensive mechanism for Party building to guide development,Create a distinctive and effective party building work position in the park base。
     Hou Shouguo, deputy director of the small and medium-sized Enterprises Department of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, focused on interpreting the demonstration platform, demonstration base management methods, performance evaluation and service system quality improvement projects, and deployed service system coordination management work。He pointed out that the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises "large quantity and wide range" put forward higher requirements for the service level and ability of small and medium-sized enterprises, and hoped that the demonstration platform and demonstration base would give full play to their resource advantages, and constantly strengthen the coordination of high-quality service supply and information resources to meet the transformation needs of small and medium-sized enterprises。
       Wang Yue, deputy director of Beijing SME Service Center, introduced the key work arrangements of the municipal hub platform in 2023。She says,The "1+17+N" service network built by our city for small and medium-sized enterprises has been continuously improved,This year, the hub platform will further gather mass entrepreneurship and innovation service resources,Continue to enhance the influence of the "Maker Beijing" competition,Continue to improve the "Beijing enterprise Lecture Hall" enterprise training system;Dig deep into the data,Improve the breadth and depth of data application,Jointly explore and build data application scenarios for actual needs with social service organizations。
      The meeting awarded 69 municipal demonstration platforms and demonstration bases identified in 2022 and 14 national demonstration platforms and demonstration bases。
      It is understood,To implement the Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Promoting the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises,We will improve the public service system for small and medium-sized enterprises,We will standardize the development of public service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises and small business start-up bases,Build a sophisticated economic structure,Promote industrial restructuring,The city has formulated the "Beijing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Public Service Demonstration Platform Management Measures" and "Beijing Small and micro Enterprises Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base Management Measures".,And carry out demonstration platform, demonstration base identification work。Up to now, a total of 246 demonstration bases and demonstration platforms have been identified in 6 batches, of which 90 demonstration bases have a service area of 4.14 million square meters, and the number of settled enterprises has exceeded 10,000;The service personnel of 156 demonstration platforms are nearly 10,000, and the annual service enterprises are 3 million times。
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