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Industry dynamics
  Industry dynamics

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 ◎   Service Trade Council | China International Exchange Forum on Transformation of Medical and Health Scientific and Technological Achievements (2023/9/5 19:08:59 )
 ◎   The second session of the Secretary-General Sharon of the Zhongguancun Federation of Social Organizations was successfully held (2023/9/5 19:05:36 )
 ◎   Innovative service forms to promote industrial development - 2023 Drug Life Cycle Quality Research and Quality Control Summit Forum - Beijing a complete success (2023/4/14 9:20:49 )
 ◎   The 2023 Beijing SME Public Service System Work Exchange Meeting was successfully held (2023/3/25 10:18:24 )
 ◎   Promoting the Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei -- A series of reports on the construction of life and health industry clusters (2023/2/26 14:40:53 )
 ◎   Unite, forge ahead and take a new road with the development of ideas | Beijing Device Review Center of the 2022 drug Safety Supervision Work Tour (2023/2/11 14:05:45 )
 ◎   Advanced manufacturing cluster to ensure production, open chain, benefit the people's health proposal (2023/1/12 16:26:38 )
 ◎   2023.5.9-11 National Drug Fair set file in Qingdao, Shandong, Beijing exhibition group invites you to meet the industry flagship event (2022/11/5 10:12:08 )
 ◎   Service Trade Fair | The member units of Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association made a wonderful appearance at the 2022 Service Trade Fair to show the world the style and achievements of "Beijing medicine" (1) (2022/9/9 12:32:00 )
 ◎   The main medicine and food homology, herbal health this herbal coffee is popular in the service trade fair (2022/9/3 9:52:34 )

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