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Medical technology service platform
  Medical technology service platform

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 ◎   Notice on hazardous waste Management and technical practical training (2020/12/11 15:50:47 )
 ◎   2020 (5th) Pharmaceutical Engineering Frontier Technology Forum -- Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Green Manufacturing and Sustainable Development Forum (2020/10/26 17:32:58 )
 ◎   Notice of the meeting on Promoting the Beijing-Hebei cleaner Production audit and promoting regional synergy Policy interpretation (2020/9/11 11:30:21 )
 ◎   Beijing pharmaceutical enterprise digital intelligence tour invitation (2020/8/6 17:27:24 )
 ◎   Notice on the fight against the epidemic to help small and medium-sized enterprises overcome difficulties to carry out small and medium-sized micro enterprises to issue service vouchers (2020/2/10 9:24:31 )
 ◎   Beijing intelligent innovation leading -- Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association service in progress (2020/1/10 15:20:34 )
 ◎   Invitation to Beijing Pharmaceutical Intelligent Manufacturing Forum (2019/10/30 11:17:42 )
 ◎   Invitation to the green manufacturing system construction policy and case study exchange salon (2019/5/27 11:14:36 )
 ◎   "Innovation-driven, Collaborative Development" - "Intelligent Leading Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Upgrading and Development Forum" successfully concluded (2018/7/11 11:13:02 )
 ◎   Pre-notice on organizing Cangzhou Park enterprises to carry out learning exchange activities (2018/5/18 11:08:33 )

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